We can deliver your fabric label on rolls or already cut and folded in a shape of your choice. Below you can see all the cut and fold options, together with the maximum sizes we offer. The cut and folded labels are usually delivered to you in packs of 100. We can deliver your self-adhesive labels on rolls and sheets. Furthermore, we can die cut them in a shape of your choice.

Straight Cut / Fuse Cut

This type of cut is usually used when the label is sewed on the garment. It could be sewed on from one side, form two opposite sides or from the four sides. In this case we have to count more space outside the design as a sewing margin intended to be stitched on the garment. The straight cut also can be used as a loop fold where you meet the both ends on the label and sew it in the seam of the garment
Maximum Size – Width 400mm / Hight 150mm
Sewing – flat on the clothes from all sides or one side only, leave min. 4mm sewing margin
Good for – Brand Labels, Clothing Labels, Mattress Labels, Bedding Labels, Accessories, Bath Textiles

End Fold

End fold labels allow you to add a branding label without sewing it into the seam. By this type of fold the corners of the label are not exposed to the skin and have a softer effect. The long logos stay best on this type of fold. These are typically found in the neck of higher end garments.
Maximum Size – Width 32-180mm / Hight 8-100 mm / Folds 4-30 mm
Sewing – sewing on both left and right side directly
Good for – Brand Labels, Clothing Labels, Towel Labels, Home Textile Products.

Center Fold & Long Center Fold

Center Folds are clothing labels that are folded in half. The label that you find in the neck of some shirts that have a company name or logo on the front and then on the under side there is care and content information about the garment.
Maximum Size Center Fold – Width 8-100 mm / Hight 21-65 mm

Maximum Size Long Center Fold – Width 6-75 mm / Hight 15-120 mm
Sewing – tag the labels in the seam of the garment and sew on directly or through the edge of the piece, leave min 4mm sewing margin from both ends of the label
Good for – Brand Labels, Clothing Labels, Home Textile Labels, Accessories

Mitre Fold

Mitre Fold is where we have two 45 degree angles on the bottom corners of the label and the label hangs down in a elegant way. Mitre folds labels work best wenn the logo is long. This type is often used as a hook for hanging the garment.
Maximum Size – Width 55-110mm / Hight 15-25 mm
Sewing – tag the labels in the seam of the garment and sew on directly
Good for – Brand Labels, Clothing Labels, Bedding Labels

Manhattan Fold

This type fold labels are mostly used for hem tags. The extra fold on the top edge eliminates exposed corners, for the cleanest look and softest feel. The fold in the center can be creased or looped, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Specify loop or crease on your label layout or in the order description. Depending if you apply the label on the lower or upper hem the design have to be turned accordingly.
Maximum Size – Width 8-100mm / Hight 30-65 mm / Folds 4-12 mm
Sewing – on a hem of garment or edge of a textile product. Sew on directly on the folded edge
Good for – Brand Labels, Clothing Labels, Curtains, Table Cloth.

Trapezoid Cut & Diagonal Cut

This type fold labels are mostly used for bedding items and mattresses, however they can be also applied on clothes. The trapezoid labels are intended to be sewed on the corner edge of the product. One way is to sew it on the edge of the corner and another is to flip the corners of the label and sew them on the inside. (Usually applied on duvets). The diagonal cut is to use for non standard design decisions where you can sew the label directly on the garment as by the straight cut labels.
Maximum Size – Width 400mm / Hight 150 mm
Sewing – trough the seam of the product or direct from both angled sides, leave min. 4mm sewing margin
Good for – Mattress Labels, Bedding Labels, Quilts Labels, Duvet Labels, Corner Labels

Tag Fold

Tag fold type is folded from both sides. You have to design it in the way that one text is centred on the left side of the label and other on the right side. You can mix a logo sign with the size numbers for example. There is also a possibility to print on the back side from the hanging end.
Maximum Size – Width 8-100mm / Hight 32-180 mm / Folds 4-85 mm
Sewing – it is to be sewed from one end through the fold and on the other end between the printed messages as the end remains hanging free.
Good for – Clothing and other textile items.

Leaflet Fold

Leaflet fold is type folded on two places where both ends are folded in one direction. You can design it the one side to be shorter than the other in order to reveal part of the printed message underneath.
Maximum Size – Width 8-100mm / Hight 30-55 mm
Sewing – the sewing goes from one of the sides through the one fold together with the other end.
Good for – Clothing, Mattress Labels, Bedding Labels, Quilts Labels, Duvet Labels.

Book Fold

This type of fold is like the centre fold but here both ends can be different lengths. You sew it on from the folded side and the messages can read from the front and back of the each side.
Maximum Size – Width 8-100mm / Hight 28-170 mm / Hight two 4-65 mm
Sewing – through the fold from one side
Good for – Mattress Labels, Bedding Labels, Clothing Labels, Duvet Labels